Production Manager Wanted at Marelli


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General Summary

The Production Manager is responsible for managing and directing all aspects of assigned manufacturing department(s). Position is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the work activities and resources necessary for manufacturing products in accordance with cost, quality, and quantity specifications. Also responsible for leading, training, and mentoring all departmental team members as well as to maintain that discipline and procedures are being followed in accordance with the Safety, Quality, Engineering, Human Resources, and Finance Departments.

Essential Accountabilities

  • Review production requirements for assigned department(s) to ensure that customer requirements are being scheduled and that department(s) have 100% schedule attainment. This also includes ensuring sufficient manpower, materials, and mechanical requirements are available to meet the departmental needs.
  • On-going problem solving to ensure a smooth 24 hour operation in manufacturing. Troubleshoot major and minor issues to direct solutions for department(s). Identify root cause of issue and take corrective actions necessary to correct current issues and /or prevent production related future issues.
  • Work closely with maintenance, manufacturing and engineering to resolve machine downtime, scrap and quality related issues.
  • Visually monitor the production floor daily to ensure 5-S is practiced at all times.
  • Initiate, lead, suggest and mentor CIP (Cost Improvement) activities in assigned department(s) to ensure safe production in the most efficient and cost effective method possible. This includes the preparation and analysis of departmental documentation to ensure continuous improvement goals are being met.
  • Collect, analyze, and present / distribute manufacturing data as needed related to assigned department(s).
  • Manage daily manpower including headcount compliance, attendance, morale, procedure compliance, positive recognition, and disciplinary actions taken when required. Also, position is responsible for leading, training, and mentoring all departmental team members.
  • Ensure manpower requirements are adjusted quickly and efficiently to ensure overtime reduction and idle time elimination.
  • Manage the departmental budgets for compliance with monthly goals set by CKNA.
  • Ensure that all CKNA procedures are being followed in accordance with the Safety, Quality, Engineering, Human Resources, and Finance Departments.
  • Communicates frequently with internal and external contacts on various issues in order to effectively manage the department(s) assigned.
  • Maintain acceptable customer relationships by supporting customer request. This includes resolving of customer oriented issues such as quality issues, meeting customer order fluctuations, etc… Also, position will periodically conduct onsite meetings with customers and provide documentation and production floor tours as requested.
  • Attend required meetings as necessary in order to effectively manage department(s) assigned.
  • Utilize layered audits and other monitoring methods of the manufacturing floor to ensure department(s) success.
  • Performs other duties as necessary.

The above typical duties are characteristic of this job and demonstrate a level of difficulty and are not intended to list or limit the duties that may be required or assigned to an employee in this classification.


This work is performed in a general manufacturing environment.

The Incumbent Must


  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Requires an Advanced Degree in related discipline and four (4) plus years experience in related field


  • Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline and five (5) plus years experience in related field


  • Associates Degree in related discipline and seven (7) plus years experience in related field


  • Non-Degreed with nine (9) plus years experience in a related field.
  • Certification or license may be required in some areas.
  • Have experience working with integrated computer programs and/or applications.
  • Have strong communication, administrative and organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate multiple projects and programs.
  • Be able to pass all background checks and pre-employment tests, including any required drug test.
  • Be able to maintain the confidentiality of any information s/he encounters.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to those who are able to perform the essential duties of the job.

Specialized Skills And Knowledge Required

Intermediate to advanced experience (beyond basic data entry) working with computer applications such as Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, PowerPoint, and other presentation applications and/or software.