Take the Survey, Get the Results - Wages & Benefits for MFG Survey Coming Soon


The wage and benefit survey provides human resource managers with a clear understanding of the compensation structure of key industrial occupations in middle Tennessee. The 2019 survey was the result of input from over 300 industries employing more than 86,000 Tennesseans. Greater participation is anticipated for the 2021 update due to the heightened need resulting from the COVID-19 impact on the marketplace.

The survey is geared towards INDUSTRIAL and MANUFACTURING jobs and is conducted by Dr. Murat Arik at MTSU’s Business & Economic Research Center (BERC). MTSU understands the importance of confidentiality, and responses are only known to MTSU staff.
Participating industries have access to the results of the survey, free of charge, and in complete confidentiality. To learn more about the survey visit mitda.org/survey
or email MTIDA at mtida@mtida.org to request the full copy of the 2019 report.