How to Learn While Working Full-Time | Answer in Progress


Finding time to learn while working can be a challenge. Outside of work, errands, and personal care, we may only have 4 hours left for leisure and learning. How are we supposed to get anything done? In this video, Sabrina from Answer in Progress tries to learn a new skill while working full time and talks with Thomas Frank about how we can optimize our time spent learning. Learn more about Google Career Certificates:

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Watch more curious videos from Answer in Progress: Chapters 00:00 How do you find the time for upskilling? 00:22 You’re not alone! 01:12 How long does it take to learn a new skill? 02:17 Making those noob gains 03:00 How do you fit upskilling into a fully loaded schedule? 03:27 Does multitasking actually work? 04:27 3 tips to find more time for learning 04:56 Actually learning a new skill 07:14 Is burnout worth it? 07:33 How quickly should we learn? 08:05 Should we bother learning new skills? 08:29 Takeaways 09:01 Find more resources in the description #GrowWithGoogle